Mac mini dc power supply

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Depending on what you have plugged into the Mac Mini, you may need a power supply capable of supplying 12 volts DC at 8 amps. I have successfully used modified car stereo power supplies for this. Depending on the design of the regulator circuit used, they might have a variable resistor that can be adjusted for voltage output. Some need to have resistors changed to output the correct voltage. Hi folks, Bob Lloyd is successfully running a stripped down Mac Mini as an audio server on one of my SR power supplies.

They also become necessary for power hungry Mini configurations. Stands to reason really as different performance levels are true of all equipment. There is also the DIY option for those with the skills to safely mod their equipment. I can put together a group buy for those who are interested although I can see some wanting a budget solution and some wanting the better performance of the larger power supply. I think this needs some further discussion to decide the options and gauge the interest, as this will dictate what can be done with the cost.

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  5. There are no details of SR3, SR5, SR7 etc power supplies on my website as I have been too busy to re-write the website for a long time now. Hi Wayne, Thanks for the input. It would be great if you felt you could join in with this to help those with little working knowledge of these matters. I wish you well in your career move. I strongly suggest you steer clear from Core Morgan, What direction did you decide to take with this?

    Mod a Mac Mini for DC Power! on Vimeo

    I'm asking because my source is a Macbook Pro and soon I'd like to get a dedicated Mac Mini music server. Thanks, Ernie. Quote from: Ern Dog on 25 Apr , pm. I find this thread of great interest. I am sorry, I find it hard to believe that a power supply modification would have any effect on the sound. I am using decibel and the memory play option and the sound is very good. I have quite an old one with a core solo processor and the external power supply. I also have a brand new one that I got just a few weeks ago.

    My guess is the Mac Mini with the external power supply would be the easiest to upgrade. What are the suggested options for something cost effective that I could try to see for myself. I am using the one downstairs as a dedicated music server. I have disabled most of the functions you refer to but do not, as a matter of course quit the Finder when playing music.

    Mac mini DC-Conversion / Linear Fan Controller Kit (MMK)

    I will try that. I have played around with Audirvana but will have to see if I have or can get the plus version. I put in 2 gigs of ram, likely all I will stuff in there. I am also using the optical out as I do not have a proper usb dac. I do not use iTunes in any way shape or form.

    How to power a Macbook using a DC power supply!

    This requires a mating cable wired the same way to be effective. Insert the Logic Board assembly back into the case. Follow the steps in the iFixit guide in reverse order to reassemble the Mac mini. Connect the Hirose connector to any 12 VDC source, and power it up.

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