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Home Resources Computer Requirements. Minimum Hardware Requirements Component Minimum Configuration These minimum specifications are not necessarily available in new computer configurations currently on the market and are provided as a reference for a minimally configured computer. Some departments may have specific requirements that are more restrictive than these general recommendations.

Processor Intel Core i3 2. Sound Card Any type with audio input. A Mic is not required, but is useful for a variety of online video conferencing and chat applications that are available at UF and used in various ways.

Additionally much of campus is covered by a campus wireless network Operating System Windows 7 Operating systems other than Microsoft Windows are allowed. However, in most cases, a Windows based operating system will be the best choice since it will be the easiest path towards software compatibility in departmental courses.

Thus some method of backup is required.

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Battery 2hr Minimum Current notebooks run between 1. It is suggested that an optional battery or extended battery be purchased. Minimum Software Requirements Software Description Office Suite Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and database information must be in a format readable using Microsoft Office.

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This means both information provided by the faculty for students to use and information provided by students for the faculty will conform to these formats. Any software that can read and write to these formats is acceptable. However, the student is responsible for making sure documents function correctly in one of these two formats.

All official communication with a student is sent to this email address. There are many online applications for registering for classes and downloading University-wide site-licensed software that require these browsers. Other browsers, such as Opera, Chrome orSafari, may work but are not officially supported.

I am a Computer Science student and I want buy a laptop. Which one, according to you, is better Macbook Air or Windows laptop? Sep 13, Marco Alka.

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For a computer science student, I would recommend Linux, as it requires you to learn a lot about how the operating system works. You will see many principles and things being applied there from your theoretical courses about operating systems, algorithms and patterns, etc.

10 Differences Between Macs and PCs

Depending on your level of masochistness, you might use a user-system, like Mint or Elementary OS, or you might want to use a super-user system, like Arch, or you might want to use a "I am Linus Torvalds" system, like Gentoo or Stali. BSD is really nice, do not underestimate it just because it is not as famous. In terms of stuff you can learn, BSD is pretty compareable to Linux. In case you are required to have one of the above mentioned operating systems, I would rather go for the one which you have more experience with and which your professors prefer as they will have to teach you stuff and probably do not want to debug applications for other OSs or search for alternative software.

Here are a handful of resources that will help you get started:

It's personal preference. I know a lot of people choose mac, personally I'm windows A big point for me is screen size and cost. Bare in mind which ever system you choose you'll run into different environment issues etc, so reiterate: it's personal preference. Rodrigo Garcia.