Ibook g4 mac os x 10.5.8

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Anonymous said… I just acquired a G4 PowerBook 1. It has become my work laptop also have a new MacBook at home. The Al PB still gets the glances in wifi cafes. February 14, at PM. I am currently on What is the latest OS that I could run with this system. And…where do I find it? I really only need it for Internet and MS Word work, and it will probably be fine as is, but I am starting to see some issues with Internet sites. March 16, at AM.

Adam Rosen said… Kent, you can run Tiger up to v Kent said… Thanks, Adam! March 17, at PM.

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October 7, at PM. JT said… I am still a huge fan of many older Macintoshes. While the and Color Classic were upgraded to a and a LC , these little systems still rock! The Power Macintosh is a music server.

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  • February 6, at AM. Still waiting for the new Amiga, too. August 12, at AM. I blame Apple for making them so backward comptible and well built. December 28, at PM. It should have 9. It was a single processor 1. It was my main computer until when I bought a Intel iMac core i5. But during the 7 years I use my MDD it received numerous upgrades.

    It is clocked at 1. It required a flash of sorts from Sonnet to work and needs at least Everything still works and I use I do have to say that it is very fast with that upgrade and I surf the net, play Diablo 2, send email and other games without a hitch.

    Installing Mac OS X 10.5 on a PowerBook G4

    But I love it and as long as it works, I will keep it running. If the power supply gives up, I will likely replace it with a working one and keep going. I even wrap it in the middle top to bottom with a towel to prevent accidental scratches or bumps under the desk. My Mac never gave up on me, so I plan to return the favor until death do us part. March 24, at AM. Your email address will not be published. Vintage Mac Museum Blog. I've been using Macs for over three decades and counting!

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    Lack of CardBus support would kinda kill my interest in this model. If it doesn't work, no big deal. Also, I have my doubts if it'll work on your machine and even if it does, you'll get no graphics acceleration. Does OS9 even work with wireless? If I can't get that working, I'm screwed. Having wireless in OS9 was the entire point of buying the thing. I hate losing money.

    DH knows about the hell I went through a few years back trying to get a 1. I spent weeks on it and it was always unstable no matter what. My fingers and knuckles were so bloody from tearing shit out of it that it was unforgivable.

    I eventually trashed it and bought another, exact duplicate off Ebay, and guess what? It was DOA and wouldn't even power up. I got so sick of it that I swore off G4s and started using s which have never once failed me to this day! Money down the drain constantly, and nothing but headaches on ALL G4 machines. It never ends! If I boot it up and it has problems too, I'm probably going to kill myself. I'd rather an OS9 laptop more than anything right now but funds are running low. And so is my luck and tolerance.

    Quote from: Syntho on September 30, , AM. I've got two wifi cards that worked in my G3 Lombard and Gary's absolutely correct So much so, that I don't use either one anymore and the Lombard has been "dedicated OS 9" since last used, period. And direct wired via ethernet when only absolutely necessary. Never liked the Lombard running OS X. Hmmm, images a little large there I had no problems booting the 'Holy Grail' reliably over a couple of days with just the modified Differences to the process described in the start post: no error messages about memory and USB no graphic accelleration booth firewire ports dead PCMCI dead yet the thing was usable, but didn't reveal groundbreaking performance compared to a BW G3 MHz.

    Any clues? In particular the differences mentioned above puzzle me Is your unit Apple PowerBook G4 1. Quote from: Astroman on November 30, , AM. Booted in full screen, but then switched back to small and remained like that, regardless of what the control panel indicated it identfied the resolution properly. Solved by adding the monitor panel which has those plugin additions in the Extensions folder, there's a button 'default' that immediately switches to full screen.

    There is some graphic accelleration active now as the waveform drawing in Peak is much more snappy than before. No complaints at all about it's performance. USB works flawless, so the system is usable.

    The graphics accelerator is definitely not active icon slashed on boot , but there may be different drawing routines active in the 2nd system setup. It's a very obvious improvement in performance. System Profiler reported the MacBook's ethernet as 10 half duplex, which I considered just a fake value, as it should be at least Mbit according to specs. Added here just for completeness, as I have the 'wrong' model anyway. When booting from the os9 unsupported CD for the first time on my FW 1.

    It definitely did work before, and I'm extremely hesitant to try on my second FW 1. On my single 1. The second USB device error seems to be in regards to the bluetooth controller, and can be ignored safely. Have you had any luck reviving your L3 Cache? PRAM reset hasn't done the trick. Plenty more to try Hopefully OS9 compatibility doesn't require a permanent sacrifice of L3 Cache FYI there's lots of machines faster than that PB 1. Are these ISOs available anywhere else? Quote from: labbdos on April 28, , AM. I ordered 2 Gigs of RAM and the feeling were the same, only a little faster on Panther, but the drive were starting to give troubles.

    I have inserted a cardbus USB 2. I will report back if it works or not. Interesting, Back to Powerbook 5. Without that pin connected, it acts as master and works flawless.

    installing a flash player on a powerbook G4 OS | Adobe Community

    Quote from: jeremywork on January 05, , AM. Is My math right? Summary: Lightly better sequencial and lightly worst random. One of the very few times I've ever read the instructions very small green sheet with the Zheino and I caught the jumper configs before just slapping it in there and all back together again. Quote: " Master mode Not Connect. Please let us know the functionality with ProTools after you pull up a project or 2.

    So where can I get the Mac Os 9. Anyone own a Pippin? SMF 2. I am so excited I can barely take it WTF, what is this crap Unit 2 Now to Boot What, another error I expected to see this message and it is not really an error at all User mrhappy said this would pop up