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1. Only Show Active Apps

Leopard - Terminal Commands for Desktop. Leopard Tweaking - Terminal Codes. Terminal Tips: Disable annoying application crash dialogs. Compare two folders' contents in Terminal. Top Mac Tweaks Using Terminal. Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories content , delivered every week; it's also a way to support us directly. Club MacStories will help you discover the best apps for your devices and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Plus, it's made in Italy. Join the Club. Federico Viticci. Federico is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of MacStories, where he writes about Apple with a focus on apps, developers, and iOS productivity. OSX does not come with the tree command that many other Linux distributions provide.

Mastering Terminal To Hack Your Mac [Feature]

So add it using brew:. The profile file is run during boot-up to configure the terminal to define file path, shims, and autocompletion handlers. One of the earliest articles on bash at http: If there is both a. According to the bash man page ,.

10 Hidden Terminal Commands for Customizing the Mac Dock

This page contains notes for system administrators and developers, who need to control Macs below the UI level, which require typing commands into a command-line terminal screen. Mon Mar 23 Paul Irish is one of top pros among developers, and now a Google Evangelist. He put his Mac configuration settings on github.

But he recommends cloning github. On the Git page notice that he has established an industry convention of using Projects folder we defined earlier. By default, if you have a long file name, it would leave little room to type in commands before it wraps to the next line.

Top 20 OS X command-line secrets for power users

To redefine what appears in the prompt , edit this file using the vi editor that comes with each Mac: Like on PCs, the PATH environment variable stores where the operating system should look to find a particular program to execute. This applies to all users. The root user has the ability to relocate or remove required system files and to introduce new files in locations that are protected from other users. Any user with an administrator account can become the root user or reset the root password. After Mac install, the root or superuser account is not enabled.

Jessie suggests this to create a Windows like shortcut with parameters in the Comments field. Here's how to use Homebrew to install Mac apps easily. Read More in order to make use of them. All of these commands have been tested as working on OS X Read More , but most should work the same for Mavericks and in many cases Mountain Lion as well. Enter the following in Terminal to enable the feature:.

When you have to write up a report, you need access to your text processor, but also to your reference material. While working, I often end up working with To enable it, enter the following into Terminal:. Once enabled, clicking one app in your dock will hide all of the others.

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Input the following command into Terminal in order to add a new stack which, by default, will display recently used Applications:. Each time you paste that command a new blank spacer will be added. To enable this effect, paste the following into Terminal:. Fortunately, you can change this with a simple command.

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It is also possible to use your touchpad or mouse scroll wheel to interact with dock items. By far the least functional tweak on this list.

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