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Macadelic was all about us.

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It made me think of myself as a bad person. I just wanted to go into the studio cave that I built. Separating myself from everything allowed me to explore my own mind.

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You squirmed in an interview earlier when girls came up. Having been with one person for so long, do you think you know more or less about love than most kids your age? Can you tell whether you know a lot about music? But you always gotta strive to be better. How did you get into jazz? I was really inspired by E. I love that dusty aesthetic. My favorite part of the You cover is that it has the vinyl outline on it.

You do what you can with what you have.

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Maybe the next step is to print that shit up, but the reality of that project was I just wanted to put it out. I like putting some analog in the digital world. What else are you working on? How has your lifestyle changed over the course of making this album? I used to be so wide-eyed and I loved everything. But it got to a point where that enthusiasm faded. I definitely went through what I would call a dark period. There was just a bunch of shit happening from my relationship, plus fucking touring all the time.

Mac Miller Signs to Warner, Drops “Just Some Raps, Nothing to See Here, Move Along” | IndieCurrent

Making this album, I sat in that cave all day. I was a nasty motherfucker. Never showered. Nasty facial hair everywhere, same clothes all the time.

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  • It’s been a year since the release of Mac Miller’s sophomore LP Watching Movies With The Sound Off.?
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I gained like thirty pounds. Lean makes you gain a lot of weight. I gotta get my shit together. I was just so obsessed with this album. I stopped drinking lean and started running.

Mac Miller Signs to Warner, Drops “Just Some Raps, Nothing to See Here, Move Along”

I changed my whole shit to get back to a healthy place. But you gotta go through the bullshit to know anything. Sometimes people are tripping acid. Me and Earl have had many a conversation. My house is one of his favorite places to make beats. Only I need You!

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Hey Homie! Dont be mad that your girl loves me It's not my fault Im just doin me The girl love me let her love me Ya feel me? So baby.

enter site Smile Baby dont cry I want you to fly You by my side Read more. Mac is currently on The Macadelic Tour. Tickets are available at: www. Follow to Download Boost Set up a download gate Turn free downloads into thousands of new fans on the platforms you care about. Unlimited Uploads.

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