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Forum rules This forum is for Audacity 2. Audacity 1. The old forums for those versions are now closed, but you can still read the archives of the 1. Post Reply. I have been able to successfully make recordings and also to playback using Quicktime when the Phnx MTpcs was set as the Input and Output device. I downloaded Audacity 2.

However, I could not playback with the Phnx MTpcs set as the output -- to listen to the recording I had to switch to other output such as internal or headphones. So, with this newer version of Audacity the only problem appears to be with playback.

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I also noticed that Audacity did not pickup the headphones as an output device, although it did pick it up as a recording device although it names it "Built in microphone" instead of "External Microphone". This computer has no "built in microphone. The attached screenshot shows this. Regarding the utility you mentioned -- I can't do that because it's only for Windows and I'm working on a Mac.

If you want to find more on this, keep reading this post. Removal means that you simply drag the icon to trash. To uninstall LogMeIn and other apps on Mac means that you have to look through different folders and delete everything that is related to the program you no longer need.

Don't run the iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Mojave betas if you value your data

Thus, in order to get rid of LogMeIn completely , you should impletent two steps:. Furthermore, you have to check other folders and locate all additional files that may belong to LogMeIn application. Start checking with these folders:. In case you want to avoid this tough manual LogMeIn removal process, you can always rely on one of these programs: MacCleanse or MacKeeper.

You can uninstall this program with the help of the step-by-step guide presented to you by ugetfix. To save your time, we have also selected tools that will help you carry out this task automatically. If you are in a hurry or if you feel that you are not experienced enough to uninstall the program by your own, feel free to use these solutions:.

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Jake Doe is a News Editor at Ugetfix. Since he met Ugnius Kiguolis in , they both launched several projects that spread awareness about cybercrimes, malware, and other computer-related problems. Contact Jake Doe About the company Esolutions. You must be logged in to post a comment. Submit article. Find the file " Soundflower. Remove that file, and then re-start the Mac system. You should not see SoundFlower anymore in the Output tab.

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What do you suggest? Please uninstall Splashtop Streamer then re-install, it'll automatically install Soundflower driver. I have followed your guidance exactingly. The complete reinstallation resulted in the same original behavior. During Mountain Lion account log on, the Splashtop 2 Streamer icon displays, pinwheel overlays the icon, streamer unloads. Soundflower is installed. I have followed every suggestion exactingly.

Pin Wheel disappears along with the Streamer icon. However, upon attempting to log on to the iMac from any system results in the diagnostic that Remote cannot connect to the iMac. Any subsequent attempt to log on to the iMac results in the diagnostic that the iMac is already connected to "another Splashtop session. The iMac which was originally displaying its user log on screen has gone blank with no log on dialogue and no way to access or operate the system.

All hope is not (quite) lost

It may be related to the enhanced security options of Mountain Lion. I am a technology consultant. I operate from the premise that a solution is possible. However, I cannot resolve issues when the problem resides in the tight and inaccessible integration of a program with the underlying operating system. This is where users like myself MUST rely on the tech geniuses at Splashtop to be taking seriously issues such as mine. In perusing the net, it is clear to me that this Mountain Lion issue with Splashtop Streamer is being experienced by an increasing number of users.

We internal also found a similar issue with the one you got on Mountain Lion, and is working on fixing it, please wait for our next update. Do we have an estimated release date for the update? A ball-park figure even? I'm going to be traveling soon and am going to be depending on this product to keep me connected.

I just installed Streamer 2. Even Ver. The streamer starts loading grayed and I am still having the same issue with the loading pinwheel on 2.


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If there is a fix or new version could you please notify me by email? I just see a blank gray screen.

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I have to physically login to my mac book pro retina display to be able to see anything. For the issue mac streamer can't be successfully loaded, please try these two suggestions as follows. Then re-start the computer to see if there's any difference. If not, please send us your log file instructions are at the end of this topic. The icon will light up again and the streamer and CPU usage may be down to a normal state.

Please stay tuned. The computer runs hot after a very short while. I'm not able to connect to the computer like this, it will overheat.

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What I've tried:. Different screen resolutions 2. And of course i have restarted the computer several times between every tested setting - no difference. SRFeature Version: 2.

All is well when it's idle but as soon as I view the desktop from another machine, the mac starts to cook. Are you guys still working on this, or should I just un-install and leave bad feedback in the app store?

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Our engineering is working hard for solving it with a code re-structure, however, it'll consume much efforts and need longer time. Please give us more time to polish it internally. I have a question about the Splashtop Preferences Window. But now I want to change one of the settings in the Splashtop Preferences Window, but I have only seen this window once and only on one of the two computers during installation and cannot figure out how to open it again. I have tried erasing the files and rebooting the computers as indicated on other threads for different issues hoping it may help in this case.

Sorry for the question, I just noticed that there is a menubar icon which allows me to access the preference pane. My apologies.